Frank Crespo: “A LIGHT AT THE END”

Here’s a video sent in by an excellent guitarist named Frank Crespo, with a song entitled  ”A Light At The End” which is featured on his new CD “A Perfect Circle.”
Frank Crespo uses a lot of chord melodies in this piece along with the new style of guitar tapping which does make for a fuller sound overall.
But what’s interesting here is Frank’s inversion of his left hand, grabbing what looks like a G minor chord from the opposite side of the neck.  I’m not sure what the advantage is, other than being able to barr across with one finger. It certainly looks and sounds impressive.
Here’s a bio that I was able to find on Frank Crespo:

“Soon will the biography of this performer and composer Born in Valencia (Spain). Frank begins as a self-taught, starting time after their studies of modern guitar under the tutelage of George Lario working four years all kinds of guitar techniques. He continued his training with Rafael Zaragoza (Total Guitar, Guitar Player) and Jaume Pla Rockservatorio (Century Music) to refine and expand their knowledge. Later entered the world of modern harmony and composition, studying with his friend and teammate Jose Daniel Flors.

The time Frank decides to leave to the United 2.9 and studied at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles (G.I.T.) an intensive course dedicated to professional musicians, where he learns and deepens styles as diverse as the Jazz, Heavy, Rock, Blues, Country, Funky, acoustic guitar, etc; and has the opportunity to study with musicians of the stature of Dani Gill (student of Joe Satriani), Scott Henderson, Eric Zimmerman (pupil of John Petrucci), Bret Garsed (Nelson), Nick Nolan, Joe Diorio, Steve doubts (Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper), and a long etc; attending clinics with musicians as Vinnie Moore; Tony Macalpine; Gary Willis; Blues Saraceno; Mike Stern; etc…, and coming into contact with musicians from Los Angeles.

Spent some time have the opportunity to study formed private with Joey Tafolla (Hardline, Jag Panzer, etc) expanding training, technical knowledge and his vision of music. In recent years, Frank has combined his pedagogical work in several schools in his city teaching and educating hundreds of students, with the musician of session playing, producing and recording for groups and artists such as Siete Leguas, inhuman, Los Piston, siding Acre, Eighty Years, Yaco Lara, the morning after, Christ, bedroom, etc; music for radio and television, transfigurations TV, Festival” see more


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