Muriel Anderson: A Bakers Dozen

Muriel Anderson is featured here with a song called “A Bakers Dozen, performed in her home town of Downers Grove, Illinois on 11/28/08. This coming home performance I hear she does yearly.
Speaking of hometowns…. just so happens that I grew up in Downers Grove Illinois and went to the same high school as Muriel, same year and everything. But the high school was so big, I didn’t meet her until two years after graduating.
She went on to do a lot of great things on the guitar, and has played with the “whose who” in the acoustic guitar community worldwide.
In this video and with this original composition, Muriel shows off some complex rhythms and most intricate finger positions with assenting and descending bass lines that are very impressive. I’ve heard a lot of Muriel’s music and this may be one of her most impressive performances.
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