Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel: Fingerpicking Legends

Here’s guitar legends Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel from a live TNN show back in 97.

Now it’s mostly fingerpicking, but when Tommy goes into some soloing here on song #2, he will use his thumbpick similar to a flatpick, and get individual notes this way.

Now I don’t know about you but, this video is cool because it features an interview on the back end.

Chet talks about meeting Tommy, introducing him to Lenny Breau, and the making of their guitar duet album.

Tommy is also efffusive, and talks about the first time he heard Chet play on the radio. Unfortunately this video ends but good news, here’s the continuation video!

Chet goes on to say that Tommy is one of the greatest he’s ever heard.

After the interview, Tommy appears solo with some hot “boogie” guitar playing that I know you will enjoy.

Finally, I have to say as impressive this is… it’s 1997. And you know what?

Tommy is even better now. If this video is impressive, check out some others of Tommy’s right here. Let me what you think!