Andrea Filippucci – Swimming in the Moonlight

This is a really beautiful song that I think you will really enjoy.

It was sent into our facebook site by the composer of this song Andrea Filippucci.

It’s called “ Swimming in the Moonlight”

Once again, I don’t really know much about Andrea Filippucci and rather than guess, I’m gonna poll the audience here and ask if anyone has any bio information on this incredibly talented guitarist?

UPDATE: Andrea Filippucci – Swimming in the Moonlight

By John Hill:

“Some bio info I found. Andrea Filippucci (born 1980) Genre: Classical/Other; Location Roma, It. Graduate Studies in composition, achieved at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, with the maximum of the votes and the praise (chair of the M° Francesco Carotenuto) Graduate of second level in composition, achieved at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, with the highest number of votes and praise (chair of M° Francesco Carotenuto) Diploma in Strumentazone per band, achieved at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome (chair of M° Raphael Tega). 
He’s got a discography dating back to 2000. The listings are in Italian though, and mention Soundtracks and Music for the Theater.”

Thanks John Hill! (John is a walking guitar encyclopedia).

I did notice in my search a few other videos and I’m going to post another once just below that I also thought was very spectacular, but without the video.

One more thing… I see that Andrea only has about 220 views on YouTube. Let’s see if we can help him out by sharing this video with your friends and family.


Listen to this…. I wish we could see Andrea performing this one!



Andrea Filippucci: guitarist, composer & arranger

“Honestly, I would have rather played piano.”

Hailing from Rome, Italy, Andrea Filippucci is creative talent among the ranks of Daniele Luppi and Alex Britti. A technical master, Andrea plays his Martin OMC-16RE in his first two acoustic releases Dropping You and Swimming In the Moonlight, with a precision and clarity of tone not heard since James Taylor.

Says Andrea, “I love polyphony and counterpoint. Therefore, I tried to put what I like about piano in my way of playing guitar.”

Andrea began his career teaching guitar in a local elementary school and now instructs at the Nomos Accademy in Rome. Aside from pedagogy, Andrea composes music for the theater and cinema, most recently scoring Il Ribelle (2011) and Wars (2010) by director Giancarlo Bocchi and Alessandro Guida’s Combattere È Un Destino (2010). 
On the production side, Andrea has arranged for bands like Otto Ohm and singer-songwriters like Michele Amadori and TEss (Tess Amodeo-Vickery). He’s played lead guitar on tracks by Gabriele Lopez (Orange Park Records) and Roberto Alessandrini (Zomba Records), and has composed music for television goliath RaiTrade. 
Currently, he’s busy in the studio preparing his band, CoiCoi’s initial LP for release in Europe and the US. This time, playing celestial tones under Shanna Palmieri’s buttery vocals and Iacopo Sinigaglia’s live electronics, Andrea’s genius for new-sound-development takes an alternative turn. CoiCoi’s first single, Aima, recently posted to Youtube, is transporting and sounds a bit like Björk fronting post-rock band, Sigur Rós.”