John Fullbright “Satan & St. Paul”

This John Fullbright video came to my attention over at  (our sister site). If you haven’t been over there, go click on the link and do like the page. Then, don’t miss out to chime in and join some of the interesting conversations and see some really cool photos and shares by the group.

By popular demand over there (and here at Acoustic Guitar Videos), I created a singer/songwriter category. Even though it’s not totally about the guitar, it does contain great guitar backup such as this Fullbright video. As far as his singing, well, he’s a natch as we say here in New Jersey and this song  ”Satan & St. Paul,” is very memorable with a good hook. This video was shot on the Music Fog bus at the Cherokee Creek Music Festival.

Here’s info about John from his website:

” John Fullbright burst upon the Southwest music scene in 2009 with a stellar live album recorded at the Blue Door, the legendary venue in Oklahoma City. From his home in Okemah, Oklahoma—also the hometown of Woody Guthrie—Fullbright had already honed his songwriting and playing skills to a degree that he was a favorite at festival campgrounds before he was even out of high school.

Quickly produced as a “calling card” for the 2009 Folk Alliance Conference, Live at the Blue Door went on to set sales records at WoodyFest, the annual folk festival honoring Woody Guthrie.

With his band, shooting the first video for “From the Ground Up”

In the intervening years, Fullbright has opened for a host of folk and Americana names—including Jimmy Webb, Joe Ely, Kevin Welch, Michael Fracasso, and Steve Poltz—from Oklahoma to Europe and back.

With the 2012 release of From The Ground Up, Fullbright, still in his early twenties, has joined the conversation about the best new artists in music today. Firmly rooted in a variety of musical styles, he draws on what has come before, but without imitation. Forget labels when you listen to John Fullbright. He is not folk, not Americana and not pop, but possibly the best fusion of them all.

In the Grammy-nominated From the Ground Up, Fullbright traverses an emotional and musical terrain that is extremely broad, showing equal acuity with tender ballads and songs that make you want to drive faster with the windows rolled down. Fullbright’s earliest songwriting heroes, Townes Van Zandt and Mickey Newbury, infuse this record, but so do Jimmy Webb, Randy Newman, and many of Fullbright’s songwriting compatriots from Oklahoma and Texas.” read more here

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