Kelly Valleau Fingerpicks Lithium By Nirvana

Here’s a new song by fingerstyle guitarist Kelley Valleau that was posted on YouTube just a couple of weeks ago.

It’s the song “Lithium” originally released  by Nirvana back in 1991… you know, the band with Kurt Cobain out of Seattle.  Kurt actually wrote this song.

I first heard of  Kelly Valleau from watching his CandyRat Records video .

Nice to see a new vid by this great guitarist!

The setting is most likely Kelly’s studio. He’s getting a great sound out of his guitar for sure.

Now if you look just past his Mackie board to the right of the NS10 speaker is his two monitors. With video it”s almost impossible to tell but it does look like the numbers are moving. He’s either recording his performance live or playing along with the previously recorded audio track. With video shoots and the guitar, it’s very common to first record the guitar audio and then do the video part.  So I’m hoping we’ll find out what’s happening with Kelly’s technique at some point.

Here’s a bio on Kelly Valleau that I found at his webiste

“Kelly Valleau is a spanish fingerstyle guitarist hailing from the “Great White North”, that’s Canada if yeah didn’t know eh!….the  breeding ground for spanish fingerstyle guitarists. A performer, composer, arranger, transcriber, teacher, student and all  around good guy. This multi-dimensional guitarist has forged a unique solo guitar style, firmly rooted in classical composition with modern guitar techniques.

He was born and raised in Belleville, Ontario and started playing guitar at 15. He was in a hard rock band at 17, got ripped off  by a club owner when he was 19, and by 21 had made his first indie cd. By 22 He was playing professionally in and around  Ontario, Quebec and New York. That’s called “paying dues” – and Kelly never doubted for one minute his sole purpose in life – to play the guitar. Kelly hung up the electric guitar a few years back and grabbed the nylon string acoustic guitar. Why? “well, on a whim, I  entered the Canadian fingerstyle guitar championship…to my surprise I placed second at this international competition. It  landed me a record deal with Candyrat Records, I haven’t looked back since.”