Wim Den Herder – Working Himself To Death

Special thanks go to Jim Weaver, who was able to locate this live video by Dutch guitarist extraordinaire Wim Den Herder.

This song is titled Karoshi, which in Japanese means “working yourself to death due to overwork.”

Appropriate title as I would have to work myself to death trying to learn a piece like Karoshi.

I translated the following from his site:

Wim den Herder has two strengths. He is a talented guitarist and a driven entrepreneur. Already at the age of 13 he won the National Guitar Awards and defeated while all adult guitar virtuosos with his piercing blue solos. Then he played rock, graduated from the jazz department of the Conservatory and currently focuses mainly on the acoustic guitar. Guitar Heroes as Harry Sacksioni, Tommy Emmanuel and Jan Akkerman Wim consider as one of the best guitarists in the Netherlands.

Guitar Academy
As an entrepreneur, Wim founder and driving force behind the Guitar Academy, a guitar school that now has four branches with 250 students and still growing. Bill’s vision for a “guitar scene” to create in Amsterdam get many followers: great guitarists like Stochelo Rosenberg, Harry Sacksioni and Eric Morel Vaarzon have long come with Wim and other talents to play together. Also world star Tommy Emmanuel is a big fan of the Guitar Academy and gave an exclusive workshop to the students of the Guitar Academy. Central to the philosophy that you choose your own path, follow your heart and thereby stimulates the best in yourself to bring out.

Wim den Herder Trio
After Bill’s graduation from the Conservatory, he took with his funky jazz trio a professional DVD. The trio then played in various jazz festivals in the Netherlands and impressed with energetic performances. Wim is known for his phenomenal speed. On youtube he plays a solo of jazz pianist Oscar Peterson note for note note: the video was viewed worldwide and delivered Wim additional brand awareness. Currently he focuses more on the acoustic guitar. He developed a new technique: Wimpicking.

Wim plays the bass and melody with 1 pick. This fall several parties directly between each other. The unique style Wimpicking doing so reminiscent of a painting by Escher: the tortoise and the swan complement each other exactly, but are never exactly the same place. The technique is a necessity arise when Harry Sacksioni Wim asked to play a solo piece. The compositions in this style are catchy and groovy. The most striking number is Karoshi, a piece which depicts what Wim Karoshi in Japan is called, literally ‘yourself dead works. “ more here

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