João Luiz and Douglas Lora – Brasil Guitar Duo

Here’s a video of a very talented Brasil Guitar Duo-  João Luiz and  Douglas Lora.

It’s a full length concert and features Joao Luis’s arrangement from the writings of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Now I haven’t had time to watch this whole thing, but from the little I have seen, this is just a wonderful performance that I’m going to set aside and watch with my wife along with a bottle of wine.

Now this concert is not totally classical, it’s got traditional Brazilian music as well… So a real nice mix.

What’s always amazing to me is, the sheer discipline involved with classical…and the memory involved here. Now I know that they have probably played these pieces a million times but, it’s still insane…

In my opinion,  João Luiz and Douglas Lora are as great as anyone playing this style of music. What do you think?