Jerry Reed: Actor Plays Guitar

Jerry Reed (Hubbard) is probably best known for his acting in movies like “Smokey And The Bandit,” “Concrete Cowboys” and nearly a dozen other fims.

The next place you’d know him is for his singing. with country hit songs such as “East Bound and Down,” ”A Thing Called Love,” ”Guitar Man,”  “Alabama Wild Man,” and “Amos Moses.”

Unfortunately his guitar playin’ has come in third.

Jerry was one of those all around talents that just had it goin’ on everywhere, and this video I think you will agree shows us that he’s not just some actor that plays the guitar.

This was filmed back in 1977 and for that time, some of the stuff he is doing is way ahead of its time…. almost a peek into the future of country Telecaster guitar, only on acoustic.

Here’s another video to share with your friends. You might want to preface it with- “Did you know actor Jerry Reed could play a little guitar too?”

I’d say, a lot of guitar.





  1. Kolo says:

    Jerry Reed was not an actor first, he was a guitar players player.Reed, one of only four people to have the title of “Certified Guitar Player” (an award only bestowed to those who have completely mastered guitar), was given this title by Chet Atkins.

    1. Bob Harris says:

      Hey Kolo, great to hear from you! Yea, you are correct. So check this out- I asked several of my family members recently if they knew of Jerry Reed, and they responded with “The Actor.” I gotta wonder…? Thanks again! bob