Intro to Clawhammer Guitar

I have to admit, I’ve heard of clawhammer banjo before but

never clawhammer guitar.

And according to the comments over at YouTube,

Clawhammer guitar is not Travis style picking.


This looks like a great intro video….

I say looks like because right now my computer is not allowing me to watch in it’s entirety…  hopefully you will be able to.

Perhaps you can comment below and fill me in with what’s happening.  I will have to update this page (with your comments ?_)   .

Thanks! bob




  1. Al Bean says:

    This guy is off his axis…I sure hope you posted this one as a joke……’cause it’s funny!

  2. Jim Weaver says:

    Well I got to the end — at least the timer said 9:07. There is an ad at the end that says more is available at