Frano: 5 Year Old Guitarist

This is a 5 year old kid playing what looks to be a full size guitar. With fingers stretching to their limits, this boy whose name BTW is Frano, is doing moves that many experienced guitarists would have a time working out.

Here’s what it said over at YouTube about Frano:

“A lot of you guys asked us to upload any progress of Frano so here it is… FUNNY ONE :) It was recorded specially on Frano’s wish – he was in the mood for doing something really funny so this is why you are watching the video right now :) For those who don’t know us personally, the music itself for us (and specially for Frano) means great joy & love. We believe there is no room for pushing the kid above limits, and we also believe you will agree with our way.

Shortly from this moment, Frano had his first standalone concert at Music academy in Rijeka (9.6.2010, 18:00h), where he played Fernardo Carulli, Scott Joplin, Van Beethoven, Fernardo Sor & some other stuff… :) From now on, we will upload the progress mostly as private videos – write us at if you want to be informed.” see more

I thought 2 things when I was watching this video…

First is how painful the left hand looks for this kid to stretch and
how easy the guitar is going to be when he grows into it!






  1. Branimir Zivkovic says:

    Thank you for showing Frano here :) He’s really into guitars! Just have to mention that the guitar he’s playing is small 3/4 Yamaha CGS103a. Cheers!