Ewan Dobson- Over 8 Million Views Fools the Public

Here’s Ewan Dobson performing a song titled – Time 2..

It has 8,768,661 views!


For those of you that don’t know, Ewan is using a delay on his guitar that was originally invented by Les Paul back in the 40′s. The way it works is, you would be recording signal through the first tape head on a tape machine, and the second head a couple of inches away would play back your part, delayed in time of course. It became such a popular sound that a mini tape machine using a looped piece of analog tape was invented (called the “Echoplex”) by Mike Battle in 1959. The amount of delay could be manually adjusted by moving the playback head closer or further away from the recording head.

What Ewan is doing in this video is really only playing 1/2 of all the notes you hear. It sounds so impressive. The delay which is set at the same volume as his initial attack, is programmed at the exact tempo of the song. Now don’t get me wrong, there is skill in keeping all the notes even and, here’s a little trick I will share with you if you have a delay. First, you will want to play along with a click. Set the delay to the same tempo as the click or exactly half time (depending on the amount of notes you are going for). You must be able to stay as close to the click as possible. If you waiver, you will loose the double note sound. So in other words, if you can’t play with a click you won’t be able to do this (there, I just gave you the secret).

Albert Lee became famous for this sound on the electric, primarily in country music. Les Paul never really used the delay in this manner. He personally told me that it was a “cheap and dirty trick,” and also said he was “sorry he invented it.”

Don’t share this article with your friends, and keep this technique a secret for yourself.